12 Pecan Bars

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Our famously delicious Pecan Bars are rich caramel pecan top with a buttery shortbread crust. This makes the perfect gift for anyone. These bars are ALWAYS made fresh for each and every order. We don’t use any additives or preservatives so they are best if consumed within the first few days of receiving. There is no need to refrigerate them, but we do recommend transferring them to an air tight container. Heating for 15 min also recommended. Our baked goods are made in a kitchen that processes wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, and other possible food allergens.

– 12 bars per order.

7 reviews for 12 Pecan Bars

  1. Brianne Almodovar

    I received these as a gift for the holiday and they were INCREDIBLE. I shared them with family members who couldn’t get enough of these delicious pecan bars. These are beyond delicious!

  2. Alex Rozhik (verified owner)

    I own A local Temp Agency here Brooklyn, And I bought these amazing Pecan bars to give out to my clients , let me tell you , all the liquor and all the gifts I gave out , the only thing they can remember is these pecan bars I gave them.
    All I can say is you have to judge for your self.
    I’m Definitely a returning customer!

  3. Stephanie

    The Pecan Bars are amazing! I’ve truly never tasted anything better than this dessert by Mixing Sugar. Has the perfect touch and texture. Best part of the bars is that they actually have a long shelf life and you can enjoy them for several days. I would recommend these to anyone that needs to give out presents for the holidays or just to have as a snack for the house. WILL CERTAINLY BE ORDERING MORE!

  4. Polina Viix

    These Pecan Bars lived up to all the hype on social media and word of mouth recommendations!
    Flavors were rich, ingredients fresh and plentiful and most importantly a smooth transaction which was delivered in beautiful packaging!
    A rare gem these days to have the pleasure of enjoying the product, packaging and supplier!

  5. Nelly K.

    If you know these pecan bars, then you already love them! They’re little bites of heaven. Not to mention the beautiful packaging options that are available. I bring the bars as a gift because of how presentable and DELICIOUS they are. You can’t go wrong. I’m just glad I know mixing sugar because it saves me every time!

  6. Polina

    Delicious best bars I ever had, my kids almost ate all of them. Warm them up and you can’t stop at one, I had 3 in one sitting love them

  7. Boris B.

    These pecan bars are simply amazing. The flavor and texture of these bars could not be more perfect. You can definitely tell there was a lot of effort put in to make them taste so good. Highly recommend them and they make a great gift also.

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